Samsung is bringing the flagship processor – Exynos 2100 – to power the guts of the company’s Galaxy S21 series slated for launch tomorrow (January 14). Before we can really understand how this performs in contrast to the Snapdragon-based S21s in real-world scenario, we already hear some compelling news for the next generation Exynos chipsets, which could feature AMD GPUs.

Most of us will think it is really early for such a claim, but this has been hinted at by Samsung itself at the grandest stages of them all, the CES 2021. Samsung LSI president Inyup Kang at the launch event stated that the company’s next flagship would come with next-generation GPU by AMD.

Samsung buffs would relate to this since this is not the first time that we are hearing such a claim. The Koreans and AMD announced their partnership a couple of years back to develop a mobile GPU, which could compare well against the Arm Mali graphics already in use.

Reportedly, this flagship referred to by the Samsung LSI president, is actually the Exynos flagship chipset and not the next company flagship smartphone. This is suggestive that the new Exynos chip with AMD GPU is not going to come out anytime before 2022, but this is a hypothetical guess.

How much close has the Exynos already climbed to the pinnacle held by Qualcomm is something we will know only after the Galaxy S21 series goes live. For now, we can presume that AMD graphics in Samsung’s own processor will make a stark difference and catapult Exynos’ image at par with Qualcomm if not beyond it.