Samsung is about to unleash their new and improved Galaxy S III flagship smartphone to the US. It will be available starting tomorrow on AT&T, T-Mobile and more (although demand is causing delays) and now they are starting their big TV commercial push. We can expect to see plenty of advertising for the new phone, and the past two days we’ve seen two awesome ones appear so lets take a look.

I like Samsung’s new direction as of late too, they are showing actual features and reasons you should buy their phone in commercials. Instead of just showing it real quick and having a 15 second ad. If you’d like to see all the features shown below in real life check out our thorough Galaxy S III Review, then enjoy the two new videos from Samsung.

Pretty neat right? They are showing off all of the share features, S Beam, watching video while texting and more all with the Galaxy S III. Just like the commercial we saw last week, these show what users would actually do with their phone in real life, something more phone commercials should do. No one will be playing their HTC EVO 4G LTE as a piano with 40 other people in the street — just saying.

Who ordered the Samsung Galaxy S III here from a US carrier? Let us know what feature you’re most excited about.