Samsung Mobile South Korea

Is Samsung still the top phonemaker today? We don’t have the numbers focusing on the global mobile industry but in the United States, the brand has slipped to No. 49 according to a recent survey. Out of 100 brands, the company fell from third place to 49th–making it the biggest drop ever for Samsung.

The 2017 Reputation Quotient Ratings by Harris Poll revealed data as gathered from 100 corporates. In 2015, Samsung ranked No. 3 and even beat Google and Apple that time. In 2016, Samsung already went down to No. 7 which was already a bad indicator but it still was in the Top 10 rankings.

This particular survey looks at the perception of the general public. The Harris Poll Reputation Quotient measures reputations of the top brands in the country.This particular asked about 2.3 million consumers in the US. The online survey was done between November 29 and December 16, 2016. For this year, Amazon is No. 1. The e-commerce company was followed by two grocery chains namely Wegmans Food Markets and Publix Super Markets.

If you’re not familiar with the survey, it evaluates public perceptions as classified into six dimensions of corporate reputation. There are attributes that can be considered under social responsibility, financial performance, products, services, vision and leadership, and emotional appeal.

We’re guessing this failure by Samsung was largely due to the Note 7 fiasco and the recent news of the Samsung heir and top exec being arrested and charged with bribery.

Certainly, things are not good for Samsung. A professor of marketing at Sookmyung Women’s University, Suh Yong-gu, said, “Samsung has to overcome its tarnished reputation by rolling out a better gadget, and use Lee’s arrest as a chance to enhance transparency by cutting off collusive links between business and politics.”

There are many other brands that was found to have damaged reputation like Wells Fargo and Volkswagen.

VIA: The Korea Herald