A Samsung executive recently released some details in terms of GALAXY S 4 shipments. The news touched on how the company managed to break an internal record and have shipped 4 million GALAXY S 4 units since launch. Shifting away from the GALAXY S 4 and to smartphones in general and it looks like Samsung is currently dominating the global market.

Granted, we have heard similar stories in the past, however an analyst from Strategy Analytics has said Samsung now has 95 percent of the global Android smartphone profits. To give an idea of what that means in terms of dollar amounts, the report has global Android smartphone profits at just above $5 billion for the first quarter of 2013.

Specifically, the report shows profits of $5.3 billion with Samsung having $5.1 billion. That would translate into a 94.7 percent profit share. Following Samsung is LG and ‘others’ with 2.5 and 2.7 percent respectively. From LG and the others category, both account for the remaining $0.2 billion with $0.1 billion each. And just to clarify, these numbers are looking only at Android smartphones.

Further details note the success of Samsung coming as a result of “an efficient supply chain, sleek products and crisp marketing.” Shifting away from Samsung and it was said that LG did deliver a small profit this quarter but that they were held back because they lack the “volume scale needed.”

Looking aside from the $5.3 billion total and the report is showing the Android platform sitting with 43 percent of the smartphone industry operating profits. For those keeping track, those operating profits are said to have reached $12.5 billion for Q1 2013. Finally, for the interesting bit of the report — it was said that Samsung (at least for now) is the “undisputed king of the global Android smartphone industry” and that they are believed to be taking in more revenue and profit (from Android) than Google.

SOURCE: Strategy Analytics