I think we all knew that Samsung was going to have a huge hit on its hands with the Galaxy S 4 smartphone. The device is destined to be one of the most popular smartphones 2013 and one of the biggest sellers in the entire smartphone industry. Samsung has now reportedly set an internal record for Galaxy S 4 shipments.

According to an unnamed company executive, by the end of April Samsung had already shipped 4 million S 4 smartphones to wireless carriers around the world. That is an internal record for Samsung. For comparison, it took Samsung 21 days to ship 3 million Galaxy S III smartphones to carriers globally.

It also took Samsung 55 days to ship 3 million Galaxy S II smartphones. Clearly, carriers expect huge demand for Samsung’s newest offering. Demand for the device is still growing with the unnamed executive saying that as of Friday the company had sold more than 6 million of the smartphones.

The executive also predicted that by the end of the month Samsung could ship as many as 10 million S 4 smartphones. You do need to be aware of one little factoid with these numbers from Samsung, these are sales to wireless carriers not to end users. With Samsung’s track record with its Galaxy S line of smartphones, there is little doubt that the vast majority of these devices will find their way into consumer hands.

If you’re wondering how early demand for the S 4 stacks up against demand for the iPhone 5 when it launched, Apple still has the edge. Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5 smartphones the first week the device was available. However, demand for the iPhone 5 has now cooled as people realized that it was an incremental update at best.

SOURCE: SlashGear via UnwiredView