Samsung DeX

One of the more interesting advancements the new Galaxy Note 10 series offers is Samsung DeX. The feature has been around in several flagship phones but not many people take advantage of it. With the new Note 10, using it is easier now because you only need a USB to connect. No need for a docking station. A simple cable will do to connect the smartphone to a desktop or laptop. The idea of Samsung DeX is to bring Android apps to the desktop for easier and navigation and when you need to do serious work.

The arrival of Note 10 also now allows the DeX to be used on Windows and Mac OS via a desktop client. New desktop tools are available with the new mode so you are free to use your computer’s keyword and mouse. It’s like making your phone’s screen bigger on a different display.

The new desktop client integration also adds support for drag-and-drop. Simply drag files from your Galaxy Note 10 to the PC or from your computer to the phone. Aside from macOS or Windows with DeX on top, Linux on DeX is also possible. The DeX app makes everything possible so imagine how it can be more powerful.

Samsung DeX offers faster data transfer because of the drag and drop solution. If you’re handling a company’s marketing or social media team, it can be easier to transfer to a computer, edit, and then back to your phone. You can also launch maybe Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on your PC for a larger view or easier editing.

No doubt, DeX is easier to use now. You just have to try it out and see for yourself how it can be convenient for work or school. We’re talking about speed and convenience here so yes, get that USB cable and plug your phone to a PC with DeX.