The cat is out of the bag. Err, make that cats as Samsung has just announced the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and many other products and services. We’ve got our hands-on feature and we already told you where and when the Galaxy S8 duo will be sold in the United States. We’re expecting a quick review and another comprehensive analysis and comparison of the devices in the coming days.

Along with the Galaxy S8 flagship phones, the South Korean tech giant also introduced the Samsung DeX. It’s the one we saw earlier which is a USB-C dock for the new Galaxy phone. This special device has been designed to enhance productivity as it offers a more desktop-like experience for the users. With this station, you can simply place your unit inside and view your smartphone content on a bigger display. The idea is as simple as streaming your phone on to a monitor or TV.

Your smartphone’s screen may be enough but casting for a bigger view allows for more efficiency and productivilty. It’s like having your computer in your pocket which honestly is what the smartphone really is now. The Galaxy S8 is a small computer with a satisfying screen but using Samsung DeX improves the way you work. You don’t have to transfer or copy files from your phone to a laptop because the DeX will show an Android UI and let you use a mouse and a keyboard. The UI offers a complete desktop web browser, contextual menus, and multiple resizable windows.

Productivity is the main goal of the Samsung DeX. The company has started to work with Adobe and Microsoft to make sure their software work on the new user interface provided. The DeX Station also offers remote connectivity and access from the dock. You don’t need to bring all your gadgets with you because the Galaxy S8 can now do what your computer can.

The busy professionals and employees always-on-the-go will benefit from the DeX Station because of the ease and connectivity it offers. Features include a cooling fan, a pair of USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet, and USB type-C power-in. You can also charge that Galaxy S8 and S8+ on the deck with its Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC) technology. There’s no mention how much the DeX Station will be in the US but it should be around $160 since we reported earlier it will cost €149.99.

SOURCE: Samsung


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