T-Mobile plans to add another mid-range smartphone to their ever growing lineup while showing no signs of heading to AT&T. If you remember the day June 15th, it is when the amazing HTC Sensation 4G will be launching on T-Mobile. Now reports are streaming in that they will be offering a mid-range handset for those that don’t need the dual-core power of the Sensation. T-Mobile will be releasing the Galaxy Mini and it will be named the Samsung Dart.

The cute little Dart features a 240×320 display, 2MP camera, and Android 2.2 and, according to the source it will launch on June 15th along with the Sensation 4G like we mentioned above. The device is a low to mid-rage phone that is for sure but it is nice to see T-Mobile trying to cover all the bases with our favorite phones of all times… Android!

T-Mobile as well as Samsung have recently announced two other mid-range phones and they are the Samsung Exhibit 4G and the Gravity Smart. One would think they’ve got the mid-range phone area covered but we can’t complain while getting even more choices for our dollars.

[via Phandroid]