Samsung recently shared a partial image of the Galaxy S4 and we have also seen a video coming out of China that claims to offer the world’s first hands-on with the handset. Basically, talk of the Galaxy S4 has remained in overdrive. It looks like another image has recently been shared by way of the Samsung Mobile Twitter account.

Unfortunately this latest image is not offering a look at the device. Instead, Samsung has shared an image of their Unpacked 2013 crew. They are dancing in the streets of New York, specifically in Times Square and you as you have likely seen from the above image — they are all decked out in black and white.

Samsung of course, continues the tease by telling everyone to “be ready 4 #TheNextGalaxy.” Needless to say, regardless of how amped up this teasing gets, we still have a few days of wait time ahead of us all. The Galaxy S4 announcement is set for March 14 and in addition to the actual event, Samsung will have some stuff going on in Times Square for those who are able to attend.

Touching back on that previous Galaxy S4 image and all we can really see is the top half of the handset. And even then, it is mostly concealed by shadows. But on that thought, we suppose that is what is considered a teaser. Isn’t it? We do have a question though, assuming these rumors play out as expected, who is planning (or able) to upgrade to a Galaxy S4 at this time?