In the excitement leading up to Samsung’s official announcement of their new Galaxy Note 4, they released several videos hyping up the S-Pen capabilities of the phablet. And when it was finally announced two weeks ago right before IFA 2014, the next question was: when will it finally be available for purchase? Well, the OEM has now sort of answered that question through another video, and Note fans will have to wait a few more weeks to finally get their hands on the newest member of the family.

But first, in the video, Samsung reminisced about the fact that the Note 1, when it was released in 2011, was ahead of its time. They even cite specific early reviews that mocked the phablet (a term that would be coined later on due to the Note) for its size, including Mashable which called it an “unwieldy beast”. Of course, they mentioned that staunch competitor Apple has now adapted to the bigger is better philosophy (well, screen-wise) when they announced that the newest iPhones would have bigger screens.

The video however emphasised that the Note is more than just about having bigger screens, it’s about productivity, innovativeness, and fun. It cites its multi-tasking capability and the S-Pen and its handwriting features, two things that the iPhone still hasn’t applied to the new models. The video goes on to show several tweets, again, mocking the new iPhone for having something that Samsung has already done two years before.

The most important thing however is that “the next big thing” will be arriving in retail stores by October 2014. As to when exactly in October, there is still no specific date and release details. All we know from their IFA 2014 launch is that Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T will all be carrying the Galaxy Note 4, but there are no pricing details as of yet.