I don’t know about you guys, but I think Samsung has a point to be made here, and that’s the Galaxy S II hands down is just one awesome smartphone. After all the iPhone 4S news settled down yesterday (and quick), Samsung was nice enough to present us with a very informative spec sheet that should help anyone on the fence decide what smartphone is right for them. What we have is the ultimate Galaxy S II vs iPhone 4S comparison chart in the gallery below.

Samsung has provided almost every bit of information one would possibly need or want to know about both smartphones, and will leave it ultimately up to you — the users to decide. They’ve highlighted everything where the Galaxy S II stands out and is above the rest, and keeps things simple and honest. If anyone wants to see a real chart of all the top devices from Android we have our own in-depth comparison that can be seen here featuring many different top tier phones, not just the Samsung.

Some may argue how many people are actually concerned with the down right specs, but I know I am and many others are too. I’m sure most just want a good ecosystem and a reliable smartphone and trust me when I say that Samsung has provided just that. The Galaxy S II is one of, if not the best Android phones to date. Having better specs in almost every category over the iPhone 4S the choice is very clear for me. We’ve reviewed both U.S. Galaxy S II’s and you can see those here, and here.

We here at Android Community also have an extensive device database of all things android that can be seen at http://device.ac that you must check out for hardware questions on any device. We also have all the current Galaxy S II versions you can see by clicking here.

So, I’ll ask all of our loyal readers — What smartphone do you intend to buy, and would you ever consider the iPhone 4S and its little screen over the 4.5″ packing Galaxy S II?

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