Some might have been awed by Samsung‘s quarterly financial report or Android market share, but there will definitely be those who will remember the rather bothersome feature the company has sneaked into the Galaxy Note 3. Samsung is now making yet another public statement in an attempt to pacify the public.

To be sure, Samsung isn’t changing its stance on the matter. It is, instead, satisfied to assure device owners that it is not really such a big of a deal. It says that the system is in place to deliver the best mobile experience adapted to the customer’s specific region. Users, of course, might say otherwise. The regional SIM lock basically means that a device, in this case the Galaxy Note 3, can only be used in the region it was purchased from. But the situation isn’t as straightforward or as hopeless.

Samsung’s statement uses a device bought in a Europe, from Germany to be exact, as an example, so we’re not sure if the same can be said of other regions and countries. The point is that the first SIM card used on the Galaxy Note 3 must be a SIM coming from the region of purchase. Once that has happened and after making or taking a phone call for five straight minutes, the regional lock is permanently disabled and the device can be used with a SIM card from any other European country. The owner, however, still has to go to a Samsung service center to get the phone unlocked if he or she wishes to use a SIM card from the US, for example.

What is quite interesting, if not troubling, to note in this announcement is that this regional SIM lock won’t be staying exclusive to the Galaxy Note 3 for long. Soon the Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S4 mini, and the Galaxy S III will be receiving this feature, if you may call it that, as well via the Android 4.3 update which, ironically, is something its owners are all probably excited for.

VIA: SamMobile