Taking a break from all the Galaxy Note 7 news, here’s a new product from Samsung. It’s not another premium flagship smartphone but rather a new Chromebook ready to enter the affordable laptop arena. If you still haven’t heard, the new device has been codenamed as ‘Kevin’. We’re not sure if it’s from the Minion or as a tribute to the former Samsung Mobile Chief Kevin Packingham who left the company three years ago. We’d like to think it’s the latter but it’s only a code name.

The Samsung Chromebook Kevin has been sighted on Adorama as one product listing now ready for pre-order. Also known this early as the Samsung Chromebook Pro, this device is listed with a model number 513C24I and part number XE513C24-K01US. Not much details have been listed but the landing page which has since been removed, shows images of the new Chromebook said to be priced at $499.

A similar B&H Listing was sighted before but also deleted. That one showed an October 24 availability. That’s still one week from today so Samsung can make the official announcement any time now. The Samsung Chromebook Pro looks premium but it’s only less than $500 which is affordable enough for a Chrome OS-powered laptop.

If and when this new Chromebook is for real, then it will be a clear follow-up to the Samsung Chromebook 2. Other specs listed include a 12.3-inch screen, 2400 x 1600 resolution, Cortex A72 processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB storage, 10-hour battery, 12.9mm thick body and very small bezels. What’s more interesting about this new model is the unconfirmed idea that it will have a touchscreen display and a stylus. Again if true, it will be the first ever Chromebook with stylus.

We’re interested in this Chromebook coming with a stylus–we’re assuming will be the S-PEN–because the accessory plus future Google Play Store support, you can do a lot with the device. Apps that require a stylus may someday be able to run on the Chromebook Pro. Let’s just wait and see for the official announcement and see if this ‘Kevin’ will play nice with a stylus.

VIA: Chrome Unboxed