The Chromebook 2 from Samsung is wildly anticipated, but will be seeing a bit of a delay. The follow-up to the groundbreaking original Chromebook from Samsung was originally slated for delivery later this month. After several pre-order customers were notified of a delay in shipping via their various points or order, Samsung has issued a response.


Speaking to Beta News, Samsung very plainly said “The product is now shipping at the end of May”. There was no explanation, but as Kevin Tofel from GigaOM points out, the major differences with this iteration involve screen size and resolution, and the Exynos 5 SoC.

We don’t think Samsung would have issue producing a screen, so we’ll look to the SoC as the likely culprit for the delay. If Samsung is having trouble with the performance, they may delay release. Customers expect a Chromebook to be quick and nimble, and Samsung helped set that standard the first time around.

It could also be a simple issue with supply chain, wherein Samsung is having issues procuring certain parts, like the top cover that mimics their various smartphones. They may also be running short of chipsets. Without an official word from Samsung, we just don’t know what’s caused the delay — and it looks like we never will.

Via: GigaOM

Source: Beta News