More and more, the things in your living room are getting connected to the internet and the lines between the information that stays in your living room and the information you have on your mobile devices get more blurred by the day. Samsung smart TVs are contributing to that, with a smart hub that gives you content for what you may want to consume at the moment – whether live TV or video-on-demand. Now the hub follows you to your smartphone via the Samsung Smart View app.

If you have a Samsung smart TV, then you can access your hub from your Android mobile phone through the Smart View app. This basically makes your smartphone the high-powered remote for your smart TV. The app allows you to search for content and have your smart TV play the ones you want.

The Smart View app also now gives you recommendations based on your preferences and viewing patterns. The “Sports” service of the app asks you for your favorite sports teams and then gives you reminders when they are playing and if additional video content is available.

This is just making your TV viewing process on your Samsung smart TV more intuitive and accessible via less jumps – having the control right on your smartphone is very much ok, right? Let us know if this is a good idea by Samsung.

SOURCE: Samsung