One of the Galaxy S8 line’s highly anticipated features is the Bixby. Next to the large Infinity Display and improved battery, the AI assistant is perhaps another attraction that will make people believe in the South Korean tech giant again. The name of the game today in the smartphone industry isn’t just having the most premium or highest specs. It will always boil down to speed and performance and maybe the absence of overheating and explosion. For this year, Samsung needs to prove the critics and doubters wrong. Hopefully, Bixby will help but looks like there will be another delay as the feature will not be fully available at launch.

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will be released commercially next week but sadly, Bixby will not be fully ready. This voice control service is also limited to the United States, at least, for now. We don’t know if and when it will be ready in other markets. Sure, the Galaxy S8 will have the Bixby installed but functions will only be limited to Bixby Reminder, Bixby Home, and Bixby Vision. These three features will let you set reminders, manage smart home settings, and allow the device to identify real world items.

Samsung has been saying the Bixby isn’t an ordinary voice assistant. It’s smarter in the sense that it remembers your words and behaviors like what most AI systems do. We’re all excited for this Bixby since last year but we’re scratching our heads right now why the company isn’t ready. The Galaxy S8 duo has been delayed already while we’ve heard of Bixby since last year and ever before that.

Bixby is supposed to be major so maybe Samsung should have worked harder and faster on this technology. There’s nothing we can do but wait for the Galaxy S8 to roll out and then see if this Bixby is worth everybody’s time and effort.

VIA: SlashGear