When going a version up, there is always the tension between keeping elements of the old design and ditching them for something new. Samsung went through all of that for its new flagship phablets – the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge. Let’s look at some of their considerations.

There has always been that question of whether Samsung has the capability to design metal-encased phones and devices – the company has gone a long way to answering those doubts with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. But with the Note 4 and the Note Edge, Samsung says that the design concept was “Modern Sleek”, and it wasn’t about to ditch that just to put out a metal phone. Besides, a plastic case meant that the Note 4 and the Note Edge could have removable/replaceable batteries.


Another new design feature was the Note Edge’s… errr, well, curved edge. Why is it on the right side? Samsung said that it took into consideration what users were already doing on devices, like swiping right to left, and reading left to right. It just feels more natural to have an extension screen on the right. The company also had a grand time figuring out the right angle for the curve, as both grip and view came into play.


Lastly, Samsung also hypes their collaboration with Montblanc, a global brand in writing instruments. Samsung said that they wanted the S Pen – arguably one of the best digital writing instruments around – to bring with it the expertise and nous of Montblanc. You can check out more answers to design questions via the source link.

SOURCE: Samsung