One of the coolest features of the Galaxy Note series of smartphones from Samsung is the S Pen and the S View Cover. The big screen of the Note series beg for people to write on them with a stylus. If you like writing on the screen of your device, but wish for an S Pen that is a bit more substantial, check out what Montblanc and Samsung have teamed up to produce.

Montblanc and Samsung teamed up to produce new writing instruments and leather covers for the Galaxy Note 4. Montblanc is famous for making very nice pens and has unveiled the Montblanc e-StarWalker and Pix pens.

Both of these pens can be used to write on the screen of your smartphone or on normal paper. The special covers for the Note 4 have a digital ID chip inside that automatically provide the owner access to Montblanc digital content like an ink-inspired 3D unlock effect, special edition S Note, and five screenwriter nibs.

There are two styles for the cover with one looking woven called the Montblanc Extreme leather cover and the other called the Montblanc Meisterstuck soft grain leather cover with a smoother leather grain finish.

SOURCE: Samsung