What could this one be? With two big events so close together, you’ve just got to assume it’s going to be a set of amazing phones jamming down the tube. What other event, you ask? Just yesterday we were told about a May 5th event (which we’ll also be at,) one that we’re banking will be the reveal point of the Samsung Infuse 4G, while this next one on the 24th is bound and determined to be the USA date for everyone’s favorite best-selling Android phone line. Can you guess what we’re guessing?

Here’s what we’re guessing: TouchWiz 4.0, a gigantic Super AMOLED Plus display, .33 inches thick – the Galaxy S II – how about it?! No, you say, that’s already been announced, I already know about that and Samsung couldn’t possibly want to announce it again? Take a rest, guy, this sort of thing happens all the time and so forth. We certainly wouldn’t mind getting another look at the phone that’s going to be blasting the Android world in the face repeatedly forever – it’s that good!

On the other hand, what about those tiny and amazing Samsung Galaxy Tab upgrades we saw back at CTIA 2011? Have a look at our hands-on with the 8.9 version here and have a peek at a working display model ala Germany right over here. Wouldn’t that be a surprise to behold? We’d like to beholding them right now, I can tell you that.