Dutch cellphone site GSM Helpdesk have suggested that Samsung will be launching their first Android handset within the next two weeks, a timescale that puts it right on track for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  They have little in the way of specific details, but suggest that from their knowledge of it the device will deliver new convenience elements.

Rumors regarding Samsung’s plans for Android are nothing new; the company was tipped to be considering the platform as early as September last year.  More information followed on in December 2008, suggesting a Q2 2009 launch on both T-Mobile and Sprint.  GSM Helpdesk have proved accurate on prior Samsung leaks, however, lending weight to their timescale.

The Samsung Android device itself is believed to be a full-touchscreen device in the mould of the Instinct or Omnia.  In December, an unnamed Samsung spokesperson was credited with claiming the company had “accelerated the development process” in order to satisfy carrier demands.

[via SlashGear]


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