As more and more rumors float around about future Android-powered handsets, we all get a little more excited in anticipation for the next big device. Samsung and LG are now working on bringing Android powered-handsets to market. There is still no definite date as to when we will be seeing them but we do know that contrary to what was said earlier, it wont be till the second half of 2009 “at the earliest”.

With Lg producing Android-powered devices that puts Verizon in a really good place to have one of their own. Lg being a major manufacturer for them would make it a lot easier for them to agree on terms for the first Android-powered handset on there network. Sources say that the delay is because of “negative responses” from mobile operators as well advertising sponsors being skeptical about Google’s profit model for phones.

While neither Samsung or LG have said anything about releasing an Android-powered handset it looks very likely with both being members of the Open Handset Alliance. I would love to see phones comparable to the Samsung Omnia or the LG Dare coming to market running the Android Os. At this point only time will tell.

Picture provided by forum member missxoash.

[Via Unwiredview]


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