By now we’re all plenty aware of the ongoing legal battles Android has faced, especially Samsung from the folks at Apple. Today we’ve heard that Google’s own Eric Schmidt is scheduled to have some “strategy” meetings with multiple Samsung execs in South Korea throughout the upcoming week to discuss the lawsuits.

According to Samsung’s mobile chief these meetings are tipped to be an attempt to boost Google’s involvement in Android litigation — as well as the come up with some sort of strategy to deal with the situation. Both Shin Jong-kyun and Google’s Eric Schmidt have declined to comment regarding the matter — but according to the Korea Times these meetings are indeed scheduled.

Despite losing big in court with the 1 billion ruling earlier this year, Samsung is still pushing strong with sales from their Galaxy Note, Galaxy S III, and soon their Galaxy Note II. Samsung’s fired back their own set of lawsuits regarding 4G LTE patents, and hopes to get the iPhone 5 banned — if we can ever see that actually happening.

That isn’t all either. Google Maps has recently been dropped from Apple’s iOS 6 and iPhone in favor of their own home-grown offering which has seem plenty of scrutiny from the media and public as of late. Their Map app works well, but is no where near the complete product Google brought to the table. We aren’t too sure what to make of these meetings, or if Google will actually be stepping forward more regarding the lawsuits. Most likely they’ll help out with the cash-flow, but we can’t be sure of anything at the moment. Samsung’s Shin also revealed that Samsung will be holding “strategy meetings with major carriers” in the US next week. Interesting stuff!

[via SlashGear]