Even while scheduled for a mediation session, Samsung and Apple have already notified the San Jose Federal courthouse of both parties’ patents and products for inclusion in an upcoming trial. This third trial in the very same courthouse under the very same judge will cover 5 patents and 10 mobile devices on each side.

It is quite noticeable that Apple’s list of patents mostly cover user interaction or interfaces, such as unified search via Siri or the now common slide to unlock, as well as even auto-complete. On the other hand, the patents that Samsung claims Apple is infringing on lie on the more technical side, particularly those needed to conform to international technical standards, also known as standards-essential patents or SEP. Unfortunately for Samsung, one of its five patents has recently been invalidated.

In terms of products accused of infringing on those patents, both companies have brought out a list of smartphones and tablets dating 2012 and earlier. On Samsung’s side, this includes the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III, and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. For Apple, the list names, among others, the iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and 4s, the iPad 2, 3, and 4, and iPad Mini. Both were careful not to include the other’s most recent flagships and models.

Apple and Samsung are still set to meet sometime this month in order to try to reach a patent agreement that would put an end to their never ending and undoubtedly costly court battles. There is some speculation that Apple might demand for an anti-cloning provision in any settlement, something that Samsung denies ever being put on the table. Although the mediation might offer a sliver of hope, it could very well be unlikely that the two companies would be able to so easily put behind years’ worth of back and forth lawsuits.

VIA: FOSS Patents