There have been several reports dealing with Samsung and new model tablets. A report from earlier in the month brought details about a pair of tablets with AMOLED display and more recently, it looks like Samsung may be working on a similar device with a 10.5-inch display. The report comes by way of the Korean language ETNews and suggests an announcement could be coming as soon as next month.

While there wasn’t much more to that timeline, that does bring thoughts of CES, which takes place in Las Vegas during the early part of January. Android Community will be on-site for CES and will be on the lookout for any Samsung tablet announcements. But otherwise, this report also touched on an older Samsung tablet.

This other goes back to 2011, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, which launched with an AMOLED display. There was a mention of that tablet not having received an overwhelming response and as such, ETNews reports that Samsung will be more aggressive with the AMOLED display this time around and have hopes to sell 10 times more as compared to the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Looking at the bigger picture here, this coincides with that report from earlier in the month. That last was also from Korea, but from the Digital Daily. Anyway, while that last report was somewhat similar in they both were light on some details, it did suggest Samsung was working on two AMOLED tablets — one with an 8-inch and one with a 10-inch display.

VIA: SamMobile