At one time, Samsung tablets were AMOLED, the popular display technology present on their smartphones. Recently, Samsung has moved away form that technology for tablets, instead opting to utilize LCD panels. A new report out of Korea suggests they may be getting back to center, and putting AMOLED back on the tablet map.

Korean site Digital Daily is reporting that Samsung is working on two different AMOLED screens for their tablets. On the heels of their extensive court losses to Apple, it seems they’re going right back at Cupertino with 8-inch and 10-inch AMOLED tablets. Those are also said to be specifically aimed at high-end devices to directly compete with Apple’s two-pronged attack.

Apple’s iPad Mini and Air dominate the 8-inch (7.9, really) and 10-inch (9.7 if you’re counting) categories, even going so far as to be the most popular in the overall large and small tablet markets. While Samsung already has a handsome tablet lineup, their efforts still fall short of Apple’s offerings in regard to overall quality, and it’s obviously something that they’d like to see change.

The difference, of course, is that Samsung is willing to saturate the market with additional devices, while Apple is keen to keep it simple. If Samsung can produce a display nice enough to compete with the popular Retina displays of iOS devices, it could set a standard moving forward. Even if kept to top-tier devices, it rounds out their lineup with a premium tablet to showcase all they can do. Then again, it could prove fruitless.

Android tablet still enjoy a much lower price point that Apple, a point of pride for Android owners. A high-end tablet or tablets would come with a similarly high-end price tag. While the Nexus 10 showed that there is a market for a higher cost, higher specced Android tablet, it’s a very slight niche to fill.


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