Bluesmart, the World’s First Smart Carry-On Luggage, probably inspired Samsonite to make a smart suitcase embedded with microchips. But unlike the Bluesmart which started as a concept on Indiegogo and is still in production, the possibility of this Samsung-powered Samsonite smart suitcase becoming a reality could happen sooner because of the two big companies backing this idea. Samsonite is also proven one of the best in the travel industry while Samsung is known for its tech and gadgets.

Combining the two brands will guarantee a product high in quality that will reduce the stress of lost bags in airports all over the world. Once the Samsonite-Samsung microchipped luggages are ready, people won’t have to worry if their stuff will appear on the baggage caurosel. As someone who once lost and never retrieved a luggage, I don’t want this happening to anyone I know.

The smart bag will be equipped with microchips that could store information of the owner like the name, phone number, or address. With GPS, you can easily locate where your bag is exactly. If you leave it somewhere or moved a few feet away from the bag, it will send an alert. In the future, more features could be added to the smart suitcase or we could see a remote control or self-propelling version someday.

Mr. Ramesh Tainwala, Samsonite chief executive, proudly shared in an interview with the Mail, “smart luggage will be able to communicate with you but it needs to be able to do much more than just give its location”. The project has yet to be completed but they are already working on a motor with remote control for the suitcase. The idea is to make it light and small so it won’t take much space or won’t weight much.

At present, Samsonite is also working with the likes of KLM Air France, Lufthansa, and Emirates to bring self checking-in bags that could eliminate or at least shorten the lengthy airport check in. The idea is for the luggage packed with a special chip to communicate with the check in counter to log in the details such as the name of the passenger, destination, and weight of the smart luggage. Instead of spending a few minutes at the counter, you only need to leave your bags on the conveyor.

SOURCE: Mail Online