bluesmart smart carry-on luggage

The travel bug bit me. I’ll be going on a trip soon and I’m on the lookout for a new luggage because the last time I traveled, the airline lost my luggage. Boohoo. I never got it back. The only good news I received was that I was compensated immediately. If only I could get something geeky and techy such as this new Bluesmart luggage, I wouldn’t have any problem.

Maybe I should order this hi-tech carry-on suitcase because it’s smart and can be controlled from any smartphone. It’s the first of its kind and we can be certain that other similar luggage designs and copycats would come out soon.

From an Android phone, you can lock, weigh, and track your Bluesmart carry-on suitcase. Mobile devices can also be recharged because it has a built-in battery. This is a great innovation in the luggage industry because we haven’t really seen anything new to make our travels more efficient expect for the materials and wheels used being sturdier than ever.

Geeks would definitely love lugging this Bluesmart around. It connects to a smartphone to enable features like an automatic lock when it’s separated from you, thanks to the proximity sensor. The owner can also be notified when someone tries to open it. To make the Bluesmart official and legit, the TSA even gave it thumbs up for its Travel Sentry Approved Lock feature.

The Bluesmart also comes with a built-in digital scale so you’ll know the weight before checking in at the counter. Simply pull the handle and the actual weight will be shown on your phone screen. As with any well-designed luggage, the Bluesmart offers easy access to your electronics with a special compartment at the front of the suitcase. If you’re a data junkie, you’d be happy to know that Bluesmart app can show real-time reports of data from your trips like time per country, the number of airports visited, and miles traveled.

The Bluesmart luggage is still a concept but it’s already accepted and approved by the TSA. Bluesmart developers are hoping to bring this to the market soon and they’ve turned to Indiegogo for funding. As of this writing, the $50,000 goal has been reached. In fact, about 269% more than the goal. The campaign only started yesterday so it means a lot of people believe in the project (me included).

Feel free to donate $1 to be part of the Hall of Fame, $25 for you to get a Bluesmart T-shirt, and $50 will get a $100 off coupon for future purchase. The Super Early Adopter and Early Adopter donations of $195 and $215 are already sold out. These people will each receive one Bluesmart luggage when it’s ready. You can still choose to donate more to get your own Bluesmart carry-on. Head on to Indiegogo to contribute.

SOURCE: Indiegogo