So you just got what is probably the best Android phone in the world for now – the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – and one of the first things you want to do is root it. We get it, you’re hardcore like that, but there are people who will enable you in this. Welcome the “SamFAIL” method of rooting the Note 8, which is specifically for Snapdragon-powered variants (US market).

The SamFAIL root access method is brought to us by XDA member “me2151”, which will work specifically for Snapdragon-powered variants of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which are found mainly in the US market. The international variants – powered by Exynos chipsets – will not be able to use this method. Please take note of that, as not to brick your pretty expensive phone.

The method requires flashing modified system and firmware files via ODIN software, which should be familiar for anyone who has rooted a Samsung phone before. Here are the caveats – firstly, that SamFAIL does not trip Samsung’s KNOX Security software. It does, however, trip Google’s SafetyNet, so you won’t be able to use apps that require passing SafetyNet. Since the method uses a modified system, Samsung will only allow such phones to charge up to 80%, which is a real bummer.

So if these things are not deal breakers for you, then go ahead and check out the official XDA forum thread (source link below) and download the needed files to gain root access.



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