RunKeeper 3.0 was released a few days back in beta form. The folks at RunKeeper offered the app for those willing to sideload the APK file and as fans of the app, we naturally took a look. In fact, we not only took a look at RunKeeper 3.0, but continued to use it right up until this morning when v3.0 landed in the Google Play Store.

This one seems quite simple, if you are using RunKeeper on Android — you will want to grab this update. The only case we can see for not updating is if you happen to be 100 percent sold on the look and/or layout of your currently installed version. RunKeeper 3.0 brings a new look and some new features. For one, the app has been given a complete redesign and if you are running the app on a device with 4.0 or later, you will notice the Holo theme.

Another nice perk with RunKeeper 3.0 is the ‘Me’ tab which is now a central place for all your personal data including your activity totals (including the total miles for the week), personal records and progress towards goals. You are also prompted to set a goal on the ‘Me’ tab if you have yet to already set one. Other goodies that arrived along with this update include in-activity splits, workout reminders and improved audio cues.

The workout reminders can be set and adjusted by heading into the settings and scrolling down to “Workout Reminder.” From that point you can set the reminder for a certain number of days and then for a specific time on that day. Touching on the improved audio cues and this is simply having more options available. You can now set cues from 1 minute up to 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can also set cues based on distance with pre-set options from every quarter mile to every 10 miles. With that, those looking for RunKeeper 3.0 can follow this link to the Google Play Store.