RunKeeper for Android is still sitting at version in Google Play, however those looking to see the 3.0 release can now do so. The RunKeeper team has recently released v3.0 in beta form and made it available for anyone that wants to check it out. The beta release can be found by way of the RunKeeeper Blog, but keep in mind — you will need to sideload the apk file. That small detail out of the way, lets get into what has been changed.

Right from the beginning, existing RunKeeper users will notice a big change — a new look. RunKeeper notes this as being a design that has been done with Android guidelines in mind. Putting the specific guidelines aside, we can say that the look is much improved as compared to the previous release. Some of the other changes touch on the ‘Me’ tab, the in-app reminders, audio cues and in-activity splits.


Diving in a bit further with each of these and we have a ‘Me’ tab that now pulls in details including your goals, personal records and activity totals. Simply put, your data is now easier to find given it is all in one location. The in-app reminders will let you schedule your next workout time and the in-activity splits will now display your pace per mile/km or workout interval. As for the audio cues, they were simply noted as being enhanced.

That all being said, there are some known bugs. If you are running Android 2.3 you may want to skip the beta as you have some crashing when viewing the training plan schedule and pop-up notifications are said to be hard to read. Otherwise, the bugs seem to be on the smaller (more of a hinderance than anything) side. Still, you may want to visit the RunKeeper Blog to check the complete list. A Google Play release date has yet to be announced, however we suspect that will come at a time when the bugs seem to be taken care of. One final warning, installing the beta release will overwrite the currently installed app (but your data will remain).