When OUYA came out of its developers’ heads and into its very successful Kickstarter campaign, people were sure it was going to be a surefire hit that will compete with standard gaming consoles by bringing casual gaming to big screen TVs. In a sense, OUYA came out too early for its own good. After the initial rush, OUYA has struggled to create a market for itself, especially with Android TV offerings now abounding. It has put itself up for sale, and rumor says gaming outfit Razer is interested.

The deal is by no means done, sources say, but the two companies are definitely trying to figure out a deal. OUYA was one of those high-flying startups, with an USD$8.6 million crowdfunding campaign under its belt. But the fact remains that it is still in the minority at this point, while Android TV consoles, Amazon’s Fire TV and Roku take center stage.


Razer is known for its PC gaming products, but has its eye on expansion as well. The OUYA console might just be revitalized with Razer’s aggressive branding and gaming mojo. The company isn’t as far reaching into the markets as it wants to be, and OUYA’s app store could be a venue for expansion, especially when integrated to Razer’s own set-top box.

Where will this end up for OUYA? Hopefully, the company and its services will continue to run under Razer’s watchful eye. OUYA’s projected market is now full of big name players, so we hope Razer’s contacts and influence can jumpstart their marketing efforts as well.