Arriving just in time for the weekend, Royal Revolt 2 has arrived in the Play Store. This Android release comes just after the iOS release, which flaregames had available in the App Store as of last week. A week of wait certainly isn’t much to complain about, however there was mention of the Android release arriving to celebrate Google Play’s second birthday.

To begin with, Royal Revolt 2, similar to the original, is available for free. There are some in-app purchases available, which we are expecting to fall in as the original Royal Revolt did — basically, they are there, but not always necessary. Touching back on the second birthday aspect and those moving forward with a download can expect a special birthday theme that includes cake landscapes and Android Knights.

While some may have been playing the original, and waiting for this release, there are likely some that have never head of Royal Revolt. For that group, this release is touted as having awesome 3D graphics, a multiplayer strategy and the ability for players to design their battleground. In simple form, Royal Revolt 2 players will be defending and fighting.

“Defend your castle and build a deadly maze for your enemies. Explore and conquer the kingdoms of your friends and foes in this brilliant sequel. Overthrow the royals on your way to the top, but be aware of your own enemies, your Highness – there’s a royal revolt going on!!!”

Otherwise, Royal Revolt 2 uses what are described as being “simple touch controls.” That is to say players will be able to do things such as flicking a finger across the screen to build a castle and defenses. Again, Royal Revolt 2 is available for free and can be found in the Google Play Store.