Google is readying the Play Store for the anniversary of its rebranding, according to a Reddit post. What was once the Android Market was renamed two years ago to what we now know as the Play Store. To celebrate, Google is having a party of sorts, and we’re all able to take part.

Google, in their generosity to users, is holding a sale to celebrate. One lucky Redditor was able to check out the sale screens ahead of launch, which is expected to happen March 6th (day of the rebranding). The sale brings a ton of titles across all categories to us for free, or at a very slight discount.

Though the list of titles is extensive, some of the “deals” confuse us. There are several EA games, like FIFA ’14, listed as free. Those games were always free, relying in in-app purchases instead of up-front payment. There are also none of the $0.10 and $0.25 apps and games we used to get from Google on days like these, but it’s not all bad news.

One commented shared a few links (which aren’t live for us) that apparently hint at bigger deals. Books under $5 and Movies from $3.50 are neat, as are Magazine subscriptions for 30% off. There is also a “24 hour music deal”, but if you’re not subscribing to Play Music All Access, you’re just not doing it right.

There doesn’t seem to be anything great coming from Google for the 2nd Play Store-versary. Quite honestly, it looks like a bunch of semi-reduced apps meant as a gesture. A lot of titles are listed on the Reddit post, but none seem to garner any excitement. We’ll wait and see if what was found was the extent of the sale, or just what we hope is the tip of the iceberg.