Rovio shared a teaser for their upcoming release of The Croods earlier in the month, however the catch was that the teaser contained almost nothing in terms of actual gameplay footage. Simply put, it seemed more like an advertisement for the movie as opposed to a game trailer. On that note, Rovio has since returned with another teaser, and yes, this one contains some actual gameplay footage.

In fact, Rovio is touting this one as being the “first official gameplay trailer.” The video is on the shorter side, measuring in at just over 45 seconds in length. The gameplay kicks in at around the 14 second mark. The video begins by inviting you to meet the first modern family. From here you get a look at Grug and then you are shuttled into what the concept of the game will be.

The trailer lets you know that you will have to survive the wild (as well as your in-laws) and also catch the crazy creatures. Creatures and in-laws aside though, it seems the main concept of the game will be to build and grow your “pre-hysterical world.” The last 14 seconds of the video cuts away from the gameplay footage but does offer the release date reminder.

The Croods will be coming to Android (and iOS) on March 14. No word on pricing, however given what we have seen coming from Rovio in the past, it seems safe to believe it will be fairly low priced. And by that, we mean a buck or two, or possibly even free. Finally, while we look forward to playing The Croods come March 14, this is actually a lead in to the movie which will be released by DreamWorks Animation Studio on March 22.