Rovio released the Angry Birds spinoff Bad Piggies back in last September and while it seemed to make a decent splash at launch, we cannot help but notice that it has been some time since it last saw any attention in the form of an update. That said, it looks like that will soon be changing.

We have yet to see a specific release date from the folks at Rovio, however they have begun teasing about what the update will contain. Coming by way of a recent tweet, Bad Piggies will soon get Road Hogs. The catch here, Rovio has yet to say just what that means in terms of characters and game play.

The current version of Bad Piggies has the user building “the ultimate flying machine” in an effort to have the pigs secure the eggs they are after. Based on the teaser picture that was released, it looks like the piggies may soon be riding on some carts. Of course, the checkered flag does give the impression that this will somehow include racing.

Speculation aside, as Bag Piggies has been a fun game up until this point, we are anxiously waiting for this update to arrive. If nothing else, maybe this update will bring us back to the game. Finally, for those who have yet to play Bad Piggies, Rovio has it available in a regular and HD version — both of which are free.