XDA senior developer “jcase” – the same guy who tweeted the makers of Blackphone last week during DefCon that he had rooted the security and privacy-leaning Android device – together with a couple more developers (IOMonster, AutoPrime, PlayfulGod) calling themselves Team Codefire has just outed an app that gives root access to LG current flagship phone, the G3.

The app, called “Stump Root” is now able to give root access to LG G3 phones from Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. While root was already attained via PurpleDrake for AT&T and T-Mobile units, the Verizon model was still not rooted until Team Codefire and the Stump Root app.

As per usual, rooting a device will entail low level changes to one’s device. It is highly recommended that you back-up your phone (data, apps, etc.) in any way possible before attempting to root your device. Team Codefire has given their guarantees that using the Stump Root app should not lead to data loss of any kind, but as they say, anything is possible.

If you are interested in the Stump Root app, check out the source link for the app’s official thread at XDA. Look for the download link within the first few posts of the thread. Enjoy!