The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ may be two of the best smartphones in the market today but they still need proper protection. The Galaxy S8 duo is ready for rough and outdoor use but like any high-end and expensive gadget, you still need to be responsible in taking good care of your stuff. ROKFORM has recently introduced a new Rugged Series case ideal for the S8. This one boasts of a RokSafe Magnet that lets you mount the phone in magnetic surface.

The phone case features a patented RokLock twist lock mounting system by the company. This one allows hands-free mounting on bikes, motorcycles, and vehicles so you can drive safely even when using the smartphone. ROKFORM is popular among the military and law enforcement, emergency responders, cycling, and the power-sports community. The brand offers military grade protection plus an innovative mounting ability so you can be assured of a well-protected gadget all the time.

ROKFORM cases are made with your phone’s topmost protection in mind. Each case features more pronounced function buttons, softer TPE rubber, and ingenious design. Every phone case from ROKFORM offers military grade protection and secure mounting that you don’t need to work about cracks when phone is dropped. The company even offers a 2-year warranty for the rugged case so you know ROKFORM is really confident with the quality of its products.

The ROKFORM Samsung Galaxy S8 Series Case will be available for only $39.99.



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