We have been seeing more Google Glass apps, and more accessories in recent weeks. On the topic of accessories, the DVF | Made for Glass collection of frames and shades were released back in June. And looking more recently, Rochester Optical has begun selling Sun Lenses.

Rochester Optical has these available in a variety of different styles, and each of those are then available in a variety of different shade colors. Specifically, these come in 14 tint colors and mirrored finishes. These do offer protection from UV rays, and Rochester Optical describes sun Lenses as being “non-prescription tinted and mirrored lenses that attach to Google Glass when combined with Smart Frames.”

Along with those 14 different tint colors and mirrored finishes — those opting to pick up a set of Sun Lenses from Rochester Optical will be able to choose from 8 frame shapes, each of which offer 10 different colors. Simply put, between the 8 frame styles, the 10 frame colors and the 14 lens finishes — you should be able to find something that matches your personal style.

These frames are made of a “quality” nickel silver metal alloy which should mean they are lightweight as well as durable. Unlike the shades from Google, these from Rochester Optical are mounted to Glass with a screw (as opposed to being clipped in). These can be ordered direct from Rochester Optical and you can expect to shell out $179.

SOURCE: Rochester Optical (1), (2)


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