Remember the PLUG? It’s the one we called as the most powerful battery pack last year with its 48,000mAh capacity. It’s ideal to bring for your camping trips or any other outdoor activities because it can juice up not on your small mobile devices but also bigger gadgets like a laptop. We know similar products have been released the past few months but they are about to be taken over by this product with its 116,000mAh mega capacity. That is almost three times the power of PLUG.

The project is called as the RIVER Solar Generator. It’s a mobile power station that boasts of a revolutionary design and numerous charging ports including a 12V car port, two DC outlets, two USB Type C, two USB, two AC outlets, and two USB Quickcharge 2.0. It offers a total output of 500 Watts from a 412Wh Li-ion battery. This one is smart and clean as you can recharge in many ways via a car jack, wall socket, or solar power.

What’s more impressive is this mobile power station that is like a mini generator can hold charge up to one whole year. It is also portable and lightweight. It can give extra power to just some of the following devices:

• Projector (over 10 hours)
• Drone (408 times)
• GoPro (80+ times)
• Refrigerator (10+ hours)
• Light (100+ hours)
• Phone (30+ times)
• Laptop (5 to 9 times)
• Electric Guitar (20+ hours)

Goal fund is ony $30,000 but with still a month left before deadline, over $280K have been raised already by more than 500 backers.