External battery packs or protective cases are quite useful not only for smartphone owners but also for other small mobile devices. Obviously, for bigger gadgets, battery packs need to be also bigger. ChargeTech Enterprises, a Newport Beach-based startup, has come up with a very powerful battery pack. The idea is to transform your wall outlet into a high-capacity battery pack.

Officially called as PLUG, this pack comes with two AC wall outlets and a solar panel for a greener power charging. This is said to be a breakthrough innovation in portable power. It boasts of a 48,000mAh capacity battery, Tesla battery cells, dedicated recharging port, 2x Fast Charge USB ports, and LED power indicator lights.

PLUG is a go-anywhere wall outlets that allows you to have worry-free adventures. It’s best for those who are always on-the-go, exploring the wild and yet still want to stay connected to the modern world. It’s like having your home wall outlet with you anytime, anywhere.

How powerful is the PLUG? It can charge laptops up to three times, tablets 7 times, phones 28 times, TVs up to four hours, drones three times, DSLR cameras up to 30 times, mini fridge 8 hours, and overboard up to 2 times.

ChargeTech Enterprises started the campaign with a $30,000 goal but over $160,000 have already been raised. That’s 565% of the goal.

SOURCE: Indiegogo