Riptide GP 2 is a favorite amongst Android gamers. The fantastic graphics and smooth game play add a depth not seen in many games, and the low price point only make it that much asker to snap up. For Android 4.4 users, the bottom bar being present was annoying, but that’s all changing with an update.

The app has been updated to allow for immersive mode, which essentially takes over the entire screen. When you’re playing a game or in an app that has controls built in, like Riptide, immersive mode allows for a bit more screen real estate. We noticed the issue in our LG G Pad GPE review, and while not terribly obtuse, it does take away from the experience versus a similar iOS game.

It’s also a boon for smaller devices. The Nexus 7 is fantastic at handling the demands of Riptide GP, but the screen can get in the way a bit. With immersive mode, those issues will slide out of the way, just like the status and darkened navigation bar.

The game also adds support for devices with an x86 processor, opening it up to more fans of racing games. We like the game for its great game play above all, as it’s a lot like Asphalt 8 on water. If you’ve got an Android 4.4 device, give it a shot — find out what immersive mode is all about.