Google-owned Waze was proud to announce the RideWith service in Israel for commuters last July. It was something imminent since Uber and other taxi-hailing apps are now widely popular. And since there are people who really do carpool to work or school, the system can be improved with the help of an app called ‘Waze Rider’. Actually, it’s just the renamed RideWith. It’s the same app that connects drivers and riders in a particularly area, allowing them to carpool and save on gas, time, and money.

Waze Rider is one convenient app that will benefit those residing in one place or going to the same destination or passing the same routes. It can be accessed right from the Waze app but using the standalone Waze Rider is faster. If you think Uber is already convenient, you should try carpooling. You don’t have to wait for the next Uber vehicle to be available because you can easily see if there is a “Waze Rider” nearby willing to take you to your destination.

Carpooling means you may have other commuters with you. If you’re the kind of person who is okay with it, the Waze Rider app is for you. Your ride to work or school will be more affordable, convenient, and maybe even faster because another rider can just be near you. Or if you are driving, you can help other people and pick them up along the way. Nothing is free because other riders will pay you. The more riders, the more people will be splitting the cost of driving and travel. Wait for people to call you and request if they want to ride along with you.

Waze Rider app by Waze could also be a good way to meet new people in your neighborhood. If you like meeting strangers and making new friends, you can try this carpooling app service. You’re not only reducing the amount of vehicles and easing the traffic, you’re also giving the chance for other people to meet the awesome you.

App is still on limited test run. It will only be available to select users in select locations. WazeRider will put you on a waitlist so wait for that notification if you can try the carpooling service.

Download Waze Rider by Waze from the Google Play Store


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