Waze RideWith carpool

Google-owned Waze has been helping millions of drivers and commuters around the world. The app is very helpful as it provides traffic information and AMBER alerts whenever and wherever you need it. The team behind the app has just introduced a new service for those in Israeli, specifically those who commute in Gush Dan– RideWith. It’s a carpool pilot that is powered by Waze that allows riders to connect and share rides together.

In this age where Uber and other taxi cab-hailing apps are widely available, this RideWith can connect riders and drivers who reside in a particular place or are going the same routes. This is especially useful for those who live near each other or in one town or city. RideWith is accessible via Waze but there’s also a standalone RideWith app.

Carpooling is one eco-efficient way to save on gas. The more rides, the better for drivers as the people share the cost together instead of every one spending money for gas on each vehicle. The app computes the cost of a particular ride based of the mileage and distance. App will then show the driver how much is the reimbursement from the riders pitching-on on the total coast of the right.

RideWith Israel

Just like any ride-sharing app, the driver can decline a rate or ride although it’s not a good practice. The idea is to reduce costs on traveling or daily commuting because really, there are too many cars in the metro. The least you can do is not add up to the traffic. If you share a ride with other commuters, you can avoid parking stress and you don’t even have to think about the rising cost of gas.

This RideWith service is available to commuters in Israeli initially. This will be more beneficial especially during rush hour where traffic is heavy and people are everywhere, scrambling to get home.

More information about RideWith on Waze