Revolv is a home automation setup. They tout this as being a setup that requires one hub and one app. The app they are talking about has been on a smartphone up until now, however as of today we are getting a brief look at what Revolv can doing using Google Glass.

This look comes by way of a short video that was posted by a Sr. Engineer at Revolv and it showing what he was able to put together in his “spare time.” Anyway, launching the Revolv app on Google Glass will allow for a variety of product control, some of which include the Philips Hue lights and Sonos audio systems.

The video also shows this setup being used to control the office lights, a Yale lock and while not shown in the video, there was a screenshot and mention of using Glass to control the thermostat as well. Of course, we got a bit of a look at controlling the home thermostat from Nest a while back.

The controls are also done using a mix of taps and voice. For example, the office lights are turned on with a tap and then later the Hue lights are shown to change from white to pink to blue using voice commands. Further details on the office light control mentions how they are using the insteon switches.

Looking at the Revolv setup as a whole and we see them using the single hub. This hub connects to your home WiFi connection (using information from your smartphone and the Revolv app) and then once connected, it will scan for compatible devices. We got a look at some of these compatible devices in the video, however the Revolv setup also works with others to include cameras. This setup also allows for some automation based on triggers including proximity and time of day. Of course, the fun aspect here was watching this all being done using Glass.

VIA: 9to5Google

SOURCE: Revolv