It’s still early days for Android Oreo, but we’re discovering more new things about Android 8.0 – even if the new features have been hashed out and rehashed ad nauseam in hundreds of tech blogs all over the intarwebs. Check out this new feature called “Rescue Party” – an exclusive in Android Oreo that helps prevent bootlooping devices from being rendered unusable.

There are a number of ways you can get your device in a bootloop. If you like tweaking and customizing your devices, you probably have experienced it trying to flash an incompatible mod. The unluckiest way is just probably installing a system update or something to that effect, and either it causes the device to boot to a certain period and then simply reboot, or see the device stuck during a certain point in the boot cycle.

And though the Rescue Party feature will now be standard in Android Oreo builds, it isn’t a magic fix for any and every boot problem. The feature only triggers in specific circumstances – like when system_server restarts more than 5 times in 5 minutes or a persistent system app crashes more than 5 times in 30 seconds.

When Android Oreo detects a crash loop, it goes through a series of escalating actions to try and recover the device. This starts out by processing the task associated with the crash or loop, and then the software attempts to let the device recover from the situation. Each level of action is progressively more aggressive and will clear/reset certain information from the device.

This looks like one of the better features we would probably grow to love about Android Oreo, and it probably helps Google as well by minimizing support tickets and warranty inquiries.