If you got excited about the Remix Mini (like we were) and failed to get on that particular crowdfunding bandwagon, your long wait ends now. The Remix Mini – your answer to a full Android desktop system – is now available via Amazon, and you can order it for the slightly more expensive pricing of USD$70.00.

We’ve talked about what the Remix Mini is here and here, but allow us to give you an idea. Most Android devices, tablets and consoles are ill-advised for workflow processes simply because they are not designed for keyboard and mouse inputs, shortcuts, and the processes you usually have while working on your desktop or laptop. But the Remix Mini – powered by a multitask-able, multi-resizable windows capable Remix OS – will change that for you.


The Remix Mini is an Android-powered desktop, at its most simple. Plug it into a big screen (via HDMI), connect a mouse and a keyboard (via USB or Bluetooth) and you’re good to go. You can use this as a desktop, with the advantage of having the Google Play ecosystem to download your favorite apps. Or you can use it as your Android-powered TV console – that works as well.


For USD$70.00, you can order your Remix Mini via Amazon – check out the source link for that. Then tell us about your Remix Mini experiences in the comments section.

SOURCE: Amazon