REDMI Samsung 64MP camera phone

Xiaomi is always working on something. There seems to be no lull for the company that has been prolific not only in the mobile industry but also in consumer electronics. After launching its own health app called Mi Health and the Xiaomi CC series, the Chinese OEM is expected to release a new smartphone with a 64MP camera. It’s nothing new because we’ve already heard of the Xiaomi Redmi 64MP camera phone from last month although details were very scarce.

From 20MP to 32MP to 48MP and now 64MP, the future phones will go over 100MP. That’s possible but for now, let’s focus on the 64MP Redmi phone. It’s arriving sometime in Q4 so a lot of things can still happen during production.

Xiaomi’s sub-brand Realme has actually teamed up with Samsung. The Chinese firm will be using Samsung’s 64MP ISOCELL sensor. Samsung hasn’t used the new camera sensor on the latest flagship phones yet and Xiaomi may be one of the firsts.

The Redmi Note 8 is said to be the first 64MP phone that will be released in India first. We’re looking forward to the ‘Future of Camera’ although not many information is available. We can expect related rumors and leaks though in the coming months.

So far, we know the 64MP Samsung ISOCELL will include 1/1.7″ sensor, Hybrid 3D HDR capabilities, and Smart ISO. If you think the cameras today are already powerful, imagine what the Redmi 64MP phone can do. In the near future, Xiaomi will be using Samsung’s 108MP ISOCELL sensors. Rumor has it the first phone will be the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

A Redmi 64MP phone and a Xiaomi 108MP phone? The “Future of Camera” is definitely bright. We’ll have to wait and see for the official announcement from Xiaomi. More powerful camera phones are coming your way.