Late last month we brought you news that Redbox and Verizon were teaming up to offer a new service called RedBox Instant, and today we have additional details and pricing confirmations on the upcoming streaming service. While we’ve been hearing rumors for some time, it’s been confirmed that it’ll see an invite only beta later this month starting at $6 monthly.

Redbox Instant by Verizon will be available to all, not just Verizon customers, and pricing starts at $6 a month which aims to beat both Netflix and Hulu Plus. That $6 a month will be a streaming only plan and Redbox states that includes their full catalog and movies from Warner Bros. and pay TV channel Epix. Then you’ll be able to add four physical disk rentals a month (not a lot) for just $2 more a month — so that makes those $0.50 a pop.

For those seeking BluRay rentals you’ll see a small increase and you’ll get unlimited streaming and the same 4 rentals per month for $9. For a comparison Netflix streaming only plans start at $8 per month and double if you’d like to add on disks, so Redbox is aiming for a pretty aggressive price here. Something they’ll need to do considering their content options, as well as being invite-only later this month.

However, while the pricing is similar Netfix offers many TV shows and series, as well as their own original content. Neither of those things will be offered by the folks at Redbox — at least not initially. While we’re not sure how much competition this will bring to Netflix we have a feeling they’ll be aiming more for the mobile crowd than anything here. Stay tuned for more details on the invite-only launch later this month.

[via SlashGear]