The Redbox Instant roll-out officially kicked off today. Albeit in a limited beta form, which simply means that if you don’t have an invitation to join then you will be sitting back and waiting for a while. But on that note, it looks like Redbox and Verizon are ready for the users to come.

That thought comes due to the recently released Redbox Instant by Verizon app. The app can be found in the Google Play Store and although the app is free to download, you will need a subscription to get any use out of it. The subscriptions will be priced from $6 per month.

Details on the Redbox Instant website state that beta users will get a month for free. The free month will include unlimited streaming and four DVD credits. Though a note on getting those DVD credits, that plan will actually cost you $8 per month. Taking that a step further and a streaming plan with Blu-ray rentals will set you back $9 per month. But that is beside the point here as the Android app is key.

The Android app will allow for unlimited streaming on your “phone and tablet” (provided you are running Android 2.3 or later) as well as allow you to reserve movies at the box, bookmark your favorites and in general, browse the available movie selection. Now if Redbox and Verizon would begin rolling-out those invitations.

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