Though a few weeks ultimately turned into more than a month, HyperDevBox finally delivered its promise and just in time for the holidays. Record of Agarest War has finally appeared on Google and it’s quite a heavyweight contender in the JRPG arena.

Before saying goodbye to October, HyperDevBox promised to bring this tactical RPG to Android in a few weeks’ time. The company has already been popular for porting a number of Japanese game titles from consoles to our favorite mobile platform. Games under its care include Spectral Souls and Blazing Souls Accelate, both of which enjoyed a moderate amount of success among fans of the genre.

Record of Agarest War takes place in a fantasy world that nears a period considered to be the end of the age of the gods. The game employs an art style reminiscent of titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics that blend 2D characters with 3D backgrounds. In fact, as a tactical RPG, Record of Agarest War does share some similarities in gameplay as well, employing positioning and planning to bring out the best from your party. The game, however, also pulls off some of its own tricks, such as a Soul Breed system where you get to choose your bride to give birth to the next great hero. It is also fully voice acted, featuring 16,000 character voices. The game also boasts of 720p HD graphic assets, 59 soundtracks, and over 100 hours of gameplay. You can watch the launch trailer for Record of Agarest War from the video below.

The game has been optimized for touch interfaces but has also been ensured to work with external controllers including MOGA controllers. While HyperDevBox was able to compress the original 6 GB data down to a mobile friendly size, you’ll still need to set aside 1.8 GB for the game. Record of Agarest War is currently on sale for $8.66, a 40% discount that will be in effect through December 31, 2013.

Download: Record of Agarest War on Google Play Store
VIA: Gamasutra